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Financing Business

Business Outline

  • プロミス

Financing services that provide greater convenience for customers

PROMISE is one of the financing business arms of SMBC Consumer Finance. It offers “Free Cashing” (revolving loans), a core product that meets the various borrowing needs of individual customers, the “Card Loan for Independent Businessman”to meet the funding needs of self-employed individuals, and the “Consolidation Loan” to ease the debt service burden on customers repaying loans.

Channel Options

Various channels available to meet different customer needs

We have prepared a variety of channel networks to quickly meet customer needs for “convenient services anytime and anywhere with peace of mind. ” At our Customer Service Plaza set up in 18 branches across Japan (as of the end of March 2018), we provide our customers and local residents with a consultation service for borrowing, repayment, and other funding-related concerns, as well as the diagnosis of appropriate household finance for customers, both over the counter and over the phone.
At our Customer Service Centers in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka,we accept and screen loan applications, and provide consultation and guidance on borrowing and repayment through non-face-to-face channels such as our automated loan contract machines, the Internet, and telephone. We have built a system that allows customers to make transactions worry-free by centrally monitoring information about their transactions and providing them with a variety of support. Our Customer Service Centers have also received COPC®* certification, an international standard for contact center business quality assurance, consecutively every year since 2013.

* The COPC®CSP Standard Release 5.2 is a global quality assurance standard specifically for the contact center business that is formulated to improve the level of customer satisfaction and ensure efficient operations. Certification is given to contact centers that have achieved and maintained the standard at a superior level, particularly in relation to customer service performance.


Affiliated ATMs spreading nationwide

In April 2016, we enhanced our network by entering into an alliance with Japan Post Bank to use their ATMs for the first time in the consumer finance industry. Customers can carry out transactions such as borrowing, repayment and balance inquiries at ATMs of Japan Post Bank, which are becoming widespread and are now available in all 47 prefectures throughout Japan. As a result, the number of affiliated ATMs that our customers can use has increased to over 100,000 units.

New Service from PROMISE

Launch of App Loan service

In October 2017, PROMISE launched the App Loan service using an official PROMISE app (hereinafter “app ” ) as a platform. On App Loan, a series of transactions, including filing loan applications, entering into contracts, and making deposits and withdrawals, can be conducted. App Loan incorporates new card-less and cash-less transaction methods, including cardless smartphone ATM transactions at Seven Bank ATMs and a service for charging purchases to Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Prepaid cards issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Card, thus offering all PROMISES's services in a single application for greater customer convenience.

Introduction of AI chat service

In March 2018, PROMISE launched the “Automated Q&A Chat Service ” which automatically provides answers to customer questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in principle. In the chat service, a poodle called Poo-chan answers questions from customers. By using the chat service, customers can seek answers to any questions or doubts they might have, even outside operating hours. The service offers customers who are reluctant to make inquiries by phone or who are pressed for time an easy and convenient way to get in touch.

SMBC Mobit

  • モビット
  • Like PROMISE, our subsidiary SMBC Mobit Co., Ltd., which changed its company name from Mobit in December 2017, also offers small unsecured personal loans with no guarantor and provides reception channels through the Internet and automated contract machines. In " My MOBI, " a self-management system online, we have built a system that allows customers to check their transaction status and take advantage of various consultation services through their computer or mobile phone without using the card. With My MOBI, we are working to enhance services using the Internet. In March 2018, SMBC Mobit renewed its official SMBC Mobit application to introduce biometric authentication using fingerprint, face and voice recognition technologies. Subsequently, in April 2018, SMBC Mobit launched T Card Plus (SMBC Mobit Next). Through these and other initiatives, SMBC Mobit is seeking to provide services of even greater value to its customers.

    Moving forward, we will continue working to provide more customers with higher quality services through the PROMISE and SMBC Mobit brands.

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