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Loan Management Business

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Loan management system that supports other businesses

In addition to our credit investigation expertise, one other strength of SMBC Consumer Finance is our loan management expertise, which support other businesses. Loan management services are provided by our Loan Administration Center and our subsidiary Abilio Servicer, and these two work together to build the best possible loan management system.
The Loan Administration Center offers various kinds of guidance and consultation services for repayment to customers (such as the management and collection of long-overdue loans in the Financing Business, reimbursement claims in the Loan Guarantee Business, and the handling of customers’ claims for repayment of settled interests and legal advice). Harnessing our expertise cultivated in loan management operations, we have built a consultation system that specializes in repayments by assigning employees of the Management Center to the Counselling Group set up inside the Customer Service Center (Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka) in April 2015.
The Counselling Group tries to quickly identify customer worries regarding repayment and speak with them to understand their situation and needs in order to make proposals and give advice for solutions. To elevate their explanatory and negotiation abilities, our employees work to improve their individual skills by obtaining the necessary knowledge for counselling through training and monitoring. We are also promoting customer support through early collaboration between the Counselling Group and the Initial Administration Group of the Customer Service Center.


Abilio Servicer Co.,Ltd.

  • アビリオ債権回収
  • Abilio Servicer undertakes the servicer business of managing and collecting loans on the behalf of financial institutions by accepting on trust and purchasing small and large loans from financial institutions across the country. With an extensive network of five operating bases across Japan, Abilio Servicer is expanding its business activities by providing services to more than 2,100 financial institutions, which consist primarily of banks and credit unions.

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