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Our CSR Activities

SMBC Consumer Finance’s CSR

SMBC Consumer Finance is working to earn the trust of society. We are creating, providing, and sharing economics and social value for all of our stakeholders, and continuously growing together with society. That is our CSR stance.

Basic policy for our CSR

On the basis of establishing a stable management base and thorough compliance, we strive to ensure steady profits through sound business activities while working actively to solve various issues. To increase our corporate brand value, all our employees comply with the hopes and needs of society by always considering “What is the value for the customer and society?” and “What can we do to help?” We constantly target the wishes and needs of each customer as we aim to become a globally trusted consumer finance company.

Our Three Key Points for Practicing CSR

The Formation of a Sound Consumer Finance Market
The Realization of a Lively Society and a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle for People
Promoting Earth-friendly Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

As part of SMBC Group, the company will aim to ensure that its individual employees have a high level of environmental awareness, and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. The company promises to proceed with business activities by taking into account effects on the environment.
  2. The company is aware of environmental risks and will fulfill its social responsibility through initiatives such as saving resources, conserving energy, reducing waste and preventing pollution, based on compliance with environment-related laws, ordinances and regulations, etc.
  3. The company will aim to continuously improve its environment management system by making tangible the above-mentioned Policy, configuring environmental targets in each fiscal year, and conducting periodic reviews.
  4. The company will make efforts to ensure that all employees understand the Policy and take part in in-house training.
  5. The company will also disclose the Policy outside the company through official announcements on the company homepage, etc.

April 1, 2019
Ryohei Kaneko
President and Representative Director
SMBC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.

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