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An open and natural corporate culture

We aim to be a company that is a pleasant and lively place to work, and where each and every employee can take pride in their work. Respecting the qualities of each individual, we cultivate employees with a high level of expertise to further our goal of establishing a corporate structure in which our staff can enjoy a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.

Our stance towards employees

SMBC Consumer Finance ' s stance towards its employees is to treat them as vitally important individuals. We have established various systems based on the three key elements of training, compensation, and welfare benefits. We are working to create a working environment in which each employee can make the most of their potential and abilities.

In the cultivation of employees, we are actively working on employee training based on the concept of supporting their development. We are also striving to cultivate employees who can tackle changes for new value creation by sensing what is needed now from changes and trends in the domestic and international environments and contemplating what to do.


Money Adviser

We are improving our education measures to boost the financial service knowledge, skills, and mental approach of individual employees so that customers can comfortably use our services. To cultivate employees who are able to give advice and proposals about repayment plans to customers from their perspective, we have introduced the Money Adviser system as an internal qualification. We certify employees who have a wealth of knowledge about the money lending business and have demonstrated communication skills as Money Adviser.


New Staff Training

Efforts for diversity

We aim to build a working environment where each employee can display his/her ability and experience job satisfaction irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, disability and employment status.

In April 2016, we established the Diversity Promotion Group in the Human Resources Development Office where functions related to recruitment, education and diversity are concentrated in order to work on the further promotion of the understanding and penetration of diversity.

We are taking a range of measures to promote diversity and achieve work style reforms by setting a policy of building an environment in which a wide variety of human resources can take an active role. For example, we are implementing efforts such as introducing a personnel system that enables employees to choose a work style in terms of time and place and setting a place and a stage for raising their awareness and good showing, with the persons in charge of promoting diversity in each business unit working together. Through these efforts, we aim to build an environment where many employees can work with job satisfaction and growth willingness beyond ages and generations. The Company, which is developing its business globally, is also striving to cultivate global human resources through support for language learning and the trainee system for employees in Japan and overseas. We will continue to strive to provide services that will meet customer needs by gaining an understanding of these through the creation of a workplace where employees with a range of values can work collectively.


Child-friendly seminars to support returning to work

Efforts to increase the employee satisfaction level

We are taking steps to not only increase the customer satisfaction level, but also create a working environment with a high employee satisfaction level. We are also striving to achieve a work-life balance for employees by supporting their life events and work at the same time, through measures such as introducing region-specific jobs and work in a reduced schedule, providing information to employees who have taken maternity leave and childcare leave, and holding a support seminar for return to work. For employees who wish to focus on self-improvement, we have also introduced correspondence courses to help them acquire qualifications such as the head of money lending operations and improve their skills. We are also enhancing the quantity and quality of welfare program menus by introducing a cafeteria plan*1, for example, in which employees can use the welfare program in step with changes in their lifestyles. To strengthen the EAP*2 system, we are developing a range of activities, including responses to leaves of absence and return to work, the planning and promotion of mental health education, the enhancement of cooperation with industrial doctors and industrial health staff, the establishment of a healthcare room and the holding of safety and health committee meetings.

*1 Cafeteria plan: A welfare program operation method by which points are granted to eligible employees each year so that they can choose and use the predetermined menus within the range of points granted.

*2 EAP: Employee Assistance Program

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