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The Formation of a Sound Consumer Finance Market

We aim to help maintain and expand a sound consumer finance market through activities such as financial economic education programs to help people acquire accurate knowledge of money matters and enable them to make appropriate decisions.

Financial Education Programs

We are working to make financial economic education more widespread, so that local residents and students who are the future leaders of society will be able to acquire accurate knowledge of money matters and make appropriate decisions.


Seminar at a university


Lecture at an elementary school


Seminar for high school students

We hold financial economic education seminars organized primarily by our 18 Customer Service Plazas throughout Japan for students and local residents. The seminars are held on three topics: Life Design and Family Budget Management, Loans and Credit, and Financial Difficulties, and a total of more than 750,000 people around Japan have participated in them since they commenced in 2011.

Setting loan limits reflecting customers

We endeavor to set loan limits not simply to comply with the Money Lending Business Act and other laws and regulations, but rather to ensure that customers do not overstretch themselves with their repayments. We determine an appropriate loan amount based on the loan amount calculated by our independently developed Automated Credit Provision System and the judgment of loan managers.


Screening at Customer Service Center

Making it easy for customers to seek advice

To relieve customers’ money concerns, we offer a range of related services, including advice on borrowing, repayments and other financial matters, referring customers to specialists depending on their circumstances, and providing support with family budget diagnosis.


Service improvement initiatives in pursuit of customer satisfaction

Since our establishment, we have focused absolutely on providing services from a customer perspective through measures such as the introduction of a 24-hour toll free line and the provision of payment processing services at convenience stories, being the first in the industry, and have sought to improve customer satisfaction. In fiscal 2018, we are promoting effective CS activities on a company-wide basis by setting a policy of developing systems that properly meet the expectations of individual customers and aiming to earn and increase customer loyalty.

To strengthen a sustainable system that enables individual employees and the entire organization to always share their awareness and efforts with one another to promote CS activities from a customer perspective,we assigned a CS leader in each business unit from FY2017. In the business units, the CS leader plays the role of promoting CS activities rooted in daily operations and transmitting them cross-sectorally. We are also striving to raise the awareness of greater customer satisfaction by incorporating and ensuring the penetration of information and reference cases that we have grasped through information sharing and opinion exchanges among the CS leaders into CS activities in each business unit, so that these efforts will contribute to the promotion of effective CS activities.

As one initiative to improve services in pursuit of customer satisfaction, we launched the CS Room section on our website in January 2015 and published our ideas and efforts and customer feedback that will lead to improved customer satisfaction. Ideas proposed by employees are discussed at the CS Improvement Committee, which consists of Management Committee members and is chaired by the President, and are translated into our efforts to improve our business and services, including system changes. We are also working to raise greater awareness of improving customer satisfaction by holding a meeting to exchange opinions and the CS Academy* to discuss selected ideas with the proposers.

*CS Academy: A seminar aimed at achieving the penetration of the awareness of greater customer satisfaction by learning about CS activities and awareness in other industries and arriving at new findings and understanding our own problems that we have not been aware of in our daily operations.


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