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The Realization of a Lively Society and a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle for People

As members of society, SMBC Consumer Finance and all its employees participate in activities to brighten up people’s lives.

Coexisting with regional communities

Our Customer Service Plazas act as centers for regional communication. We make a positive contribution to life in the regions in which we do business and help revitalize them by actively engaging regional communities, listening to their needs, and working together with the people that live in these communities. We also allow local residents to use event spaces at some of our Customer Service Plazas free of charge.

Booth at a local festival


Regional traditional festival


Event for children


Meeting place for regional activities


Art exhibition hall


Seminar space


CSR Activities

Yakusoku-no-Mori matching gift program

In 2007, we introduced the Yakusoku-no-Mori matching gift program to encourage our employees to learn more about CSR activities and get involved. Children are the future of society, and through this program we provide support for foster home promotion services for children, the Children’s Independent Living Support Project (the National Association of Foster Homes), and the Hearing Assistance Dog Training Project (The Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Association). 新しいウィンドウを開きます We also provide continuous support through the installation of Donation Vending Machines inside the Company. A portion of the sales from these machines is donated to the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Association.

Donation by Yakusoku-no-Mori (FY2017)

Project Cumulative total
Foster home promotion services 1,383,820Yen
Children's Independent Living Support Project 1,119,980Yen
The Hearing Assistance Dog Training Project 1,736,992Yen

Introduction of the TABLE FOR TWO program

In July 2015, we introduced the TABLE FOR TWO program in the company cafeteria at the Head Office. This is a system that enables our employees to voluntarily donate 20 yen (equivalent to one meal in developing countries), covering all menu and goods sold. The donated funds are used to run school catering programs for children in developing countries through the TABLE FOR TWO International, a specified non-profit organization.

Table For twoのロゴ

Sponsored Activities

We also devote our efforts to sponsoring educational and cultural activities and events, driven by our desire to help create a vibrant society in which people can enjoy happy and healthy lives.

Educational and cultural activities

The Promise Essay Contest (sponsored by The Sankei Shimbun and co-sponsored by SMBC Consumer Finance), was started in 1996 based on the concept of “taking another look at the importance of human relationships in modern society and life once again to rediscover the importance of promises.” The contest celebrated the 22nd anniversary in 2017. In recent years many junior high and high school students have applied for the contest, indicating that it has become widely established at schools as part of their Japanese language education and programs to improve students’ essay-writing skills. We support educational and cultural activities in other ways as well.

Assistance for areas affected by large-scale disasters

We implement measures to help victims of large-scale disasters, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes and the torrential rain in July 2018, feel less anxious about the future. For example, we provide loan repayment assistance, reviewing the repayment term or reducing or waiving the principal and/or interest based on the individual circumstances of victims, and also provide interest-free “support loans” for a fixed period until victims are able to rebuild their lives.

Sports and Events

In an effort to achieve regional revitalization through cooperation in events and sports promotion and a boost for young people who will forge the future, we are sponsoring table tennis competitions where Japanese athletes have performed well in recent years. We also sponsor Kawasaki Frontale, a professional soccer team.

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