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Loan Management Business

Business Outline

Loan management system that supports other businesses

In addition to our credit investigation expertise, one other strength of SMBC Consumer Finance is our loan management expertise, which support other businesses.

Our Loan management services are provided by Customer Support Center and subsidiary company Abilio Servicer. These two organizations work together to build the best possible loan management system.
The Customer Support Center is newly established in April 2021 through the integration of the previous Counseling Center (offered repayment consultation services by dedicated staffs with specialist expertise to support customers from their perspectives) and Loan Administration Center (provided management and collection of long-overdue loans in the Financing Business, reimbursement claims in the Loan Guarantee Business, handling of customer claims for repayment of settled interests and legal advice) to combine their strengths and benefit from the synergy.

Customer Support Center staffs communicate with customers about repayment concerns directly over the phone to gain an understanding of their circumstances and needs, in order to offer tailored proposals and advice for solutions. Through such approach, we are seeking to support both 'today' and 'future' of our customers by providing 'genuine repayment consultations'.

Abilio Servicer Co.,Ltd.

Abilio Servicer undertakes the servicer business of managing and collecting loans on behalf of financial institutions by accepting on trust and purchasing small and large loans from financial institutions across the country. With an extensive network of five operating bases across Japan, Abilio Servicer is developing its business activities by providing services to more than 2,200 financial institutions which consist primarily of banks and credit unions. In addition, we are also taking on new challenges including business revitalization projects and collaboration with various SMBC Group companies.

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