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Promoting Earth-friendly Environmental Activities

As a member of the SMBC Group, SMBC Consumer Finance aims to help preserve the global environment by instilling a strong environmental awareness among its employees, and promoting environmentally friendly activities.

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  • Going paperless and switching to LED lighting at branches

    SMBC Consumer Finance electronically processes documents to improve customer convenience and reduce the use of paper resources. We also undertake earth-conscious business activities by phasing in LED lighting when we open new branches and refurbish existing branches to save energy.


    Electronic processing of documents


    Switching to LED lighting at branches

    Participating in SMBC Group Clean Up

    SMBC Group Clean Up Day is held at various locations. As a member of SMBC Group, many of our employees take part in this initiative.


    Arakawa River, Tokyo


    Yodokawa River, Osaka Prefecture

    Regional Beautification Initiatives

    Our employees actively participate in activities to beautify the areas around each of our business units.

    Cleaning up area around center


    Cleaning up area around Head Office


    Love Earth Clean Up (Fukuoka)


    CO2 Reduction/ Light Down Campaign

    We have participated in the CO2 Reduction/ Light-Down Campaign advocated by the Ministry of the Environment, which aims to raise awareness of measures to mitigate global warming, since 2009. We turn off the lights of large signboards for “Summer Solstice Light-Down” (held on Midsummer day) and “Cool Earth Day Light-Down” (held on the day of the Star Festival), and save electricity by promoting No Overtime.

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