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April 6, 2009

Promise Co., Ltd.

Agreement Regarding the Amount of Sale of Consumer Loans Receivable

The following is a notice of an agreement regarding the amount of loans to be sold and the sale price for the sale of part of the consumer loans receivable held by Promise to NEOLINE CAPITAL Co., Ltd., as announced on March 24, 2009.
Amount of Loans to Be Sold and Sale Price
1) Amount announced on March 24, 2009: : Approximately 20.7 billion yen at 9.4 billion yen
2) Amount of agreement: : 20.78 billion yen at 9.35 billion yen
This news release has been translated from the original Japanese document released on April 6, 2009, for reference only.
In the event of any discrepancy between this translated document and the original Japanese document, the original document shall prevail.

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