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February 3, 2012

Promise Co., Ltd.

Announcement of the Early Redemption of

Promise Co, Ltd. (the “Company”) hereby announces that the Company determined to redeem JPY 42,000,000,000 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2015 (the “Bonds”) as follows:
1.     Bonds subject to be redeemed:
Promise Co., Ltd. JPY 42,000,000,000 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2015 (Note1)
2.     Date of Early Redemption:
February 29, 2012 (London Time)
3.     Amount to be Redeemed:
All of the outstanding Bonds
(JPY 42,000 million as of February 2, 2012)
4.     Redemption Price:
101.71 percentage of the principal amount
5.     Reason for Early Redemption:
Exercise of the call option as provided for under Condition 7.5 (Corporate Event Redemption) of the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds (Note2)
(Note1) Outline of the Bonds to be Redeemed
(1)   Aggregate Principal Amount of Issue:JPY 42,000 million
(2)   Issue Date:           July 24, 2008 (London Time)
(3)   Maturity Date:       July 24, 2015 (London Time)
(4)   Coupon:                zero coupon
(5)   Conversion Price    JPY 2,662.3 per share
(Note2) Outline of Condition 7.5 (Corporate Event Redemption) of the Bonds
Upon or following the occurrence of the Corporate Event, the Company may, having given not less than 14 Tokyo Business Day’s prior notice to the Bondholders, redeem all, but not some only, of the Bonds then outstanding at a redemption price determined by the date and in accordance with the method set forth in the Terms and Conditions on the date specified for redemption in such notice.

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