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Board of Directors


President and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer Ryoji Yukino  
Director,Vice President Executive Officer Ryohei Kaneko Corporate Planning Dept., Accounting Dept., Corporate Communication & CSR Dept., General Affairs Dept. and in charge of Risk Management Dept.
Director, Managing
Executive Officer
Shoichi Azuma Customer Satisfaction Dept. and Finance Business Div.
Director, Managing
Executive Officer
Ryota Naito Overseas Business Div.
Director, Managing
Executive Officer
Masahide Kitakado Human Resources Dept. and Credit Planning Dept.
Director, Managing
Executive Officer
Tatsuya Iochi Office Administration Dept., Business Affairs Center and Guarantee Business Div.
Director, Managing
Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Nakayama System Planning Dept.,System Development Dept.Ⅰ,System Development Dept.Ⅱ and Infrastructure Systems Dept.
Director Naoki Tamura  

Corporate Auditors

Corporate Auditor Junichi Ikeno  
Corporate Auditor Hisato Oiwa  
Corporate Auditor Koichi Nakayama  
Corporate Auditor Yoshikazu Morikawa  

Executive Officers

Executive Officer Tetsuji Fuchigami Risk Management Dept., Corporate Planning Dept. and Planning & Coordination Office(deputy)
Executive Officer Kenjirou Yoshinaga Guarantee Business Div.(deputy)
Executive Officer Katsuji Inui Loan Management Div.
Executive Officer Masayuki Kamada Inspection Dept.,Global Internal Audit Dept.,Internal Audit Dept.and General Manager of Internal Audit Dept.
Executive Officer Takanori Funatsu General Manager of Consumer Finance Dept.
Executive Officer Masafumi Ogawa General Manager of Corporate Planinng Dept.

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