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Overseas Business

Business Outline

Consumer financial services spreading in Asia

SMBC Consumer Finance is expanding operations overseas, applying the expertise we have gained in Japan in areas such as credit investigation, loan management, business operations, and marketing. We have established local subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and mainland China. Overseas operation of SMBC Consumer Finance has started in Taiwan in 1989. In 1992, PROMISE (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD. has been established as our first local subsidiary of consumer financing business overseas.


Like in Japan, PROMISE (HONG KONG) offers small unsecured loans with no guarantor to individual customers from its 26 staffed branches throughout Hong Kong. Reflecting an increase in transaction needs via the Internet in recent years, PROMISE (HONG KONG) strives to provide even more convenient services by promptly grasping customer needs by introducing the All Online! service in November 2014, for example, to strengthen the loan application function via the Internet. The performance of the subsidiary, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in February 2017, remains stable, and outstanding consumer loans reached 45.0 billion yen (as of the end of March 2020).


We established PROMISE (THAILAND) in 2004, building up our track record with PROMISE (HONG KONG). PROMISE (THAILAND) aims to become an accessible personal loan company by establishing one staffed branch and service points* in 80 locations(as of the end of June 2020) throughout Thailand and working to enhance sales promotions through TV commercials and Internet advertising.After celebrating 13 years since its establishment in 2005, this subsidiary has more than 300,000 customers using its services today, and is steadily expanding its sales base.

* While customers can carry out the procedures for loan applications, contracts, and repayments at the staffed branch, the simple reception office receives loan applications from customers.

Seven cities in mainland China

After gaining experience in running PROMISE (HONG KONG) and PROMISE (THAILAND), we have established a local subsidiary in seven cities (Shenzhen, Shenyang, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Shanghai) in mainland China.In China, we use a service brand called Bo Min Kuai Yi Dai and are endeavoring to improve customer convenience and expand operations by developing local networks with sales staff and promoting identification through an online platform and the digitalization of contracts. To strengthen our business in China, we seek to provide services that are selected by local customers.

Development of a workforce with a global vision

SMBC Consumer Finance places great emphasis on elevating the level of knowledge and skills of local employees to meet the needs of customers in each country and region. We conduct training in Japan on a regular basis, as well as other employee development programs such as training and seminars at each company. We provide training so that employees can observe the full spectrum of operations from sales to loan management in Japan, as well as various other types of training.
At the same time, we have also introduced a program for Japanese employees to study abroad before they are dispatched to overseas subsidiaries. This program is designed to help them improve their language skills and their understanding of the culture and values of each region.

Overseas Base

Overseas Base

Customer loans outstanding
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Customer loans outstanding

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