History of the SMBC Consumer Finance

Thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary on March 20, 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your support and patronage. We will continue to strive to foster a healthy consumer finance market by staying close to our customers and providing optimal services and support tailored to each customer's situation, and we will act to solve social issues and achieve sustainability through our business. All of us will strive to be "a global consumer finance company that earns the highest level of trust from its customers.

1962 Mar. Establishes Kansai Finance in Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
1963 Feb. Kansai Promise begins consumer finance operations
Apr. Starts Consumer finance business by utilizing PC(Promise Check)System
1969 Jan. Expands business to Tokyo; Tokyo Promise
1974 Jan. Merge between Kansai Promise and Tokyo Promise
Changes trade name to Promise Trust
Jun. Begins operation of the first computer system in the concumer finance industry
1980 Jan. Changes trade name to Promise
1983 Aug. Begins operation of the first automated credit provision system in the consumer finance industry
1989 Sep. Starts Liang Jing in Taiwan
1992 Jul. Starts PROMISE (HONG KONG) in Hong Kong.
Our first Overseas Subsidiary expanding Cunsumer finance business abroad
1993 Sep. Registers common stock with the Japan Security Dealers Association as an over-the-counter stock
1994 Dec. Lists on the 2nd Section of the TSE
1996 May Establishes Net Future
Sep. Lists stock on the 1st Section of the TSE
2000 May Establishes joint-venture loan company Mobit (currently SMBC Mobit) with Sanwa Bank (currently The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Limited (BTMU)) which begins operations in September
2001 Mar. Establishes PAL Servicer (currently Abilio Servicer)
2004 Jun Agrees to a broad-based business and capital alliance with the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG) and concludes an agreement in September of the same year
2005 Jan. Changes At-Loan;100%subsidiary of SMBC to a consolidated subsidiary
Oct. Starts PROMISE(THAILAND) in Thailand
2007 Sep. Acquires SANYO SHINPAN
2010 Jul. Starts PROMISE(SHENZHEN) in Shenyang, China
Oct. Merge with subsidiary company SANYO SHINPAN
2011 Apr. Merge with subsidiary company At-Loan
May Starts PROMISE(SHENYANG) in Shenyang, China
Dec. SMBC conducts a TOB for PROMISE (PROMISE becomes a consolidated subsidiary of the SMFG)
2012 Mar. Delisted
Apr. Becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of SMFG
Jul. Changes company name to SMBC Consumer Finance
Aug. Starts Promise Consulting Service (Shenzhen) in Shenzhen, China
2013 Mar. Starts PROMISE(TIANJIN) in Tianjin, China
Sep. Starts PROMISE(CHONGQING) in Chongqing, China
Dec. Starts PROMISE(CHENGDU) in Chengdu, China
Dec. Starts PROMISE(WUHAN) in Wuhan, China
2014 Mar. Changes Mobit to a wholly-owned subsidiary
Oct. Starts PROMISE(SHANGHAI) in Shanghai, China
2015 Apr. Starts Promise Asset Managementin Tiwan.
2016 Oct. Merge with subsidiary company Net Future
2017 Dec. Mobit changes company name to SMBC Mobit
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