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Privacy Policy

SMBC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (below, “SMBC Consumer Finance”) handles large quantities of personal information in the course of providing its core consumer finance services and other services to customers. Furthermore, we are committed to the safe, efficient management and proper use of all personal information as an important social liability. We spare no efforts to ensure total protection of personal information as stipulated in the privacy policies listed below.

1. Compliance with related laws and ordinances

SMBC Consumer Finance maintains full compliance with the Information Privacy Law (Law No.57 of Japanese Law, May 30, 2003), the guidelines established by the Japanese government, and other relevant laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information.

2. Proper use of personal information

SMBC Consumer Finance clearly defines its purposes for the use of personal customer information through public announcements on the Company's home page or notification in writing. With the exception of cases otherwise stipulated by law, we use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve its stated purposes. Furthermore, measures are in place to prevent the use of personal information for any other purpose.

3. Use of personal credit information bureaus

SMBC Consumer Finance shall not use personal information registered with personal credit information bureaus of which the Company is a member for purposes other than checking customers' repayment capabilities.

4. Safe and proper management of personal information

SMBC Consumer Finance shall spare no efforts in implementing proper management safeguards to prevent the improper or illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration, falsification, and/or leakage of personal data and continually enhances and remediates customer information maintained by the Company.

5. Provision of personal information to third parties

With the exception of cases otherwise stipulated by law, SMBC Consumer Finance shall not provide personal customer information to third parties without the prior consent of the customer involved.

6. Outsourcing of personal information

In cases in which SMBC Consumer Finance outsources the handling of personal information to an external contractor, the Company shall first select a contractor recognized for its fair and proper handling of personal information based on standards stipulated by the Company. The Company shall then enter into a contract agreement with said contractor in order to guarantee proper handling, and shall implement necessary and proper supervision and direction on an ongoing basis to ensure the continued safe and proper management of all personal information consigned to said contractor.

7. Strengthening of personal information protection

In order to ensure the proper handling of personal information, SMBC Consumer Finance shall establish a management system, provide training for all Company officers and employees in the protection of personal information, and furthermore implement regular supervision of the status of personal information handling. In addition to implementing the Privacy Policy in this manner, we are dedicated to improving and strengthening measures to ensure the proper handling of personal information on an ongoing basis.

8. Establishment of a contact for personal information inquiries

SMBC Consumer Finance shall establish an in-house contact for the purpose of responding to inquiries from customers concerning the handling on personal information, and shall make sincere efforts to respond to all inquiries and complaints in a prompt and proper manner.

Effective March 25, 2005
Revised February 1, 2009
Ryohei Kaneko
President and Representative Director
SMBC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.

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