As a member of the SMBC Group, we aim to contribute to the conservation of the global environment by having each and every employee have a high level of environmental awareness and promote actions that take this into consideration.

Environmental Policy

As part of SMBC Group, the company will aim to ensure that its individual employees have a high level of environmental awareness, and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. The company promises to proceed with business activities by taking into account effects on the environment.
  2. The company is aware of environmental risks and will fulfill its social responsibility through initiatives such as saving resources, conserving energy, reducing waste and preventing pollution, based on compliance with environment-related laws, ordinances and regulations, etc.
  3. The company will aim to continuously improve its environment management system by making tangible the above-mentioned Policy, configuring environmental targets in each fiscal year, and conducting periodic reviews.
  4. The company will make efforts to ensure that all employees understand the Policy and take part in in-house training.
  5. The company will also disclose the Policy outside the company through official announcements on the company homepage, etc.

April 1, 2024 Terumasa Takahashi President and Representative Director SMBC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.

Promoting digitalization and switching to LED lighting at branches

SMBC Consumer Finance works to improve customer convenience and reduce the use of paper resources by promoting digitalization (online account summary and card-less transactions by App Loan). We also undertake earth-conscious business activities by phasing in LED lighting when we open new branches and refurbish existing branches to save energy in-house.

  • Promoting digitalization

    Promoting digitalization
  • Switching to LED lighting at branches

    Switching to LED lighting at branches

Regional Beautification Initiatives

Our employees actively participate in activities to beautify the areas around each of our business units.

  • Cleaning up area around center

    Cleaning up area around center
  • Cleaning up area around Head Office

    Cleaning up area around Head Office
  • Love Earth Clean Up (Fukuoka)

    Love Earth Clean Up (Fukuoka)

Promoting eco rules

We have established eco rules to realize sustainable society so that each employee is practicing an approach to energy saving and resource saving.

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